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About Me

Hi my name Yusra Bono and i am 30 year old african american women. I was born in Somalia, raised in kenya, lived in canada, moved to Michigan and now reside in Ohio. Growing up I was the epidamey of a girly girl. I have always been into beauty and fashion. I am a self taught beauty enthusiast. My life behind the camera. I've always wanted to help, inspire and teach other females. I feel in love with the youtube world and all the resources it offers. 

3 Years ago, i started my youtube page. I make videos about makeup, life style and fashion.  With my passion, youtube opened this whole new world of adventure i didn't know existed. I am still and upcoming and growing you-tuber. With that being said, I turn my hobby into a passion and a business.2018 I have launched my very own LASH line.